I help six-figure and 7-figure+ business owners scale with confidence through my Done for You marketing services.

I create strategy and provide support with a level of confidence that comes from a decade of experience with a highly successful track record. 

I spent the last 12 years of my career as a the VP of Marketing & Analytics at a consulting agency for multi-seven figure businesses. I’ve worked with large corporations (Fortune 100) as well as small businesses (Inc 500) and individual entrepreneurs to increase revenue by executing a marketing strategy that scales. 

about me

Kay Allen-Carr

Kay Allen-Carr

I hold 7 Professional Marketing Certifications

I studied years of strategy both in undergrad and grad school, and have spent the last 12+ years of my career working in marketing.

I graduated with a BA in Public Communication with a minor in Political Science, after which I immediately went to grad school for Communication with an emphasis on Rhetoric (the art of persuasion).

I also sat the exams for six marketing certifications.

Google Ads certified

Google Analytics certified

Meta Ads certified (Facebook and Instagram)

YouTube certified

Hubspot Inbound Marketing with honors

Klaviyo email marketing certified

Beyond all the certifications, I have 12 years of experience actively implementing and managing marketing systems that scale. I have executed the strategies I learned in the classroom, and have been responsible for generating outstanding results. 

My large clients all had CFOs that demanded a return-on-investment for every marketing activity. I know what it means to be held accountable and therefore am committed to generating results.

I also hold a certification from Harvard University in Foundational Principles of Leadership.

I started my career as a marketing coordinator and worked my way up to VP of Marketing & Analytics for a consulting agency before deciding to start my own business. Everything I will teach you or manage on your behalf is based on my experience doing it successfully for many companies over the last 12 years.

I’m here to add senior marketing leadership to your team.

My Strategy is Proven

Are you ready to leap to the next level in your business? Are you ready to set a marketing system in place to help you generate more revenue?

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