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Maximize Revenue for Your Shop

It’s Time to Dial in Your Marketing & Advertising Strategy to Maximize Revenue for Your Shop 

We know exactly what to do, using social, email, SMS, ads, and AI, to help your e-commerce business see results right away. 

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Using automated email flows we’ll make sure someone’s first purchase isn’t their last purchase. We’re all about helping you build up the lifetime value of your customers! 

Generating Repeat Purchases

You’ll receive a simple yet personalized marketing plan based on proven tactics that we see working for clients, just like you, right now. 

The KAC Marketing Signature Process 

We’ll use our signature, AI-driven advertising and marketing method to reach new customers and get them to buy from your brand.

Reaching New Customers

We are a data-driven marketing agency which means we literally never throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. We use marketing science to increase your revenue month over month. 

Analyzing Data and Improving All the Time

Building a multi-million dollar ecommerce business doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Our most successful clients stay focused on what matters, don’t spend on things if they don’t generate revenue or increase profitability, and they scale fast. 

If someone is trying to sell you all the bells and whistles they’re just trying to pad their monthly retainer because they know you’re going to leave after your initial contract is up. 

We pride ourselves on retaining our clients for years… we don’t need to pad our monthly retainers up front because we know you’re going to be around for a long time as long as we deliver results! 


... Is that all?

We cut out of the fluff and only report on the numbers you actually care about – aka we’re focused on your bottom line.

These are examples from our custom, easy-to-understand reports. 

KAC Marketing Signature Results 

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If any of this resonates with you, it’s time to hire an agency that cares about your goals and dreams. 

You want to work with a marketing team that is transparent about the revenue generated and what is being done to keep the needle moving in a positive direction

You felt like one of a thousand clients and didn’t get the amount of attention (or ROI) that you felt you deserved

You felt like it was impossible to get ahold of your marketer, they showed up late to calls and only gave you basic, generic insights when you wanted personalized and specific recommendations 

You paid your last agency or contractor for a ton of services like blogging, SEO, and newsletters on top of ads, sales emails, and social but doubt those efforts ever brought in a dime 

You left your last marketing agency or contractor because they would tell you all about your followers and clicks but your sales didn’t increase 

You’re Going to Love Working with Our Team If… 

You’re ready to break through a revenue plateau and grow to the next level 

Your next step is to apply to work with us. 

When this multi-7-figure per year brand came to us they were relying primarily on Instagram for sales. They had a large email list, and would send an email here and there, but they had no strategy and no idea if they were making any money from it. 

Then one day the client’s Instagram account got hacked and deactivated and the CEO realized they needed to prioritize making email marketing into a strong sales channel so they were no longer reliant on social media. 

We created a custom email marketing strategy for the brand and helped them start making 7-figures from their email marketing channel year after year! 

We generated over a million dollars per year for this skincare brand, just from email marketing!

Meet One of Our Clients 

Unlike other agencies, we’ve built our business on client retention more than new sales. That means our success relies on you being happy with your results so you’ll re-sign with us (over and over again). 

We take this approach because long-term partnerships mean we get to know the ins and outs of your business to generate better and better results for you over time. 

We don’t want to feel like some outside team you talk to once a month, we want to feel like a close-knit part of your team that you can rely on for consistent, reliable, revenue-generating results! 

Your Success is Our Success 

The KAC Marketing team is here to help you dial in your marketing and advertising campaigns to maximize revenue for your shop! We’ll help you reach new customers and convert them into repeat purchasers! 

There Are Two Ways We Can Support Your Business 

If you have an in-house team in place and are looking for an expert opinion on how you and your team can improve your email revenue and/or return on ad spend, this is for you.

Deliverables include:
  • Review of 1-2 ad accounts 
  • Review of past 90 days of email data
  • Recommendations report on how to increase revenue and ROI

Email + Ads Audit

If you’re looking to outsource the management of your marketing and advertising campaigns to a team of expert-level marketers ready to use data-driven strategies, and AI-driven methodologies to maximize your revenue, this is for you! 

Services include:
  • Ads management
  • Email management
  • SMS management 
  • And more

Done for You Marketing & Advertising

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Are You Ready to Start Generating Revenue and Increasing Profitability for Your Shop?

We’re here to help you using proven, data-driven campaign techniques while leveraging the power of AI! 

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