Skincare & Shapewear Brand

This multi 7-figure per year brand has been in business for over a decade. Initially all sales came in through social media, but as the algorithms became more unreliable, the brand started investing more heavily in email marketing.

Kay has been working with this brand for several years, and they were the first client of KAC Marketing in early 2022. 

Through a series of weekly emails that include informational, promotional, and sales emails, we've grown email into a sales channel that used to generate $0 to one that has generated over $1 million dollars each year for the last three years.

Starting through the pandemic and leading into a recession, email sales remain at the 7-figure per year mark.


Early in the week we send an information (tips based email) that connects the dots from the tip to a product in the shop. Later in the week we send a sales email that is specifically focused on the benefits of the product in the shop we mentioned earlier in the week to strengthen the connection for the reader about how amazing the featured product(s) is! 

We believe strongly in taking a data-driven approach to email marketing. This includes using a/b or multivariate testing and letting the results show us the best path forward delivering the highest revenue for our clients.

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This strategy has resulted in an average monthly revenue from email marketing since KAC Marketing took over is $100,000 per month.

In 2020 during the pandemic we hit $1 million in revenue generated from email marketing in the span of one year.

The following year e-commerce sales started slowing down for e-commerce brands but we hit our second year of generating $1 million in revenue from email marketing in one year. 

In 2022 we once again hit $1 million in revenue just from email marketing for the third year in a row and we are on track to do it again!

We have figured out the messaging that works for each segment of this brand's audience and have found a repeatable formula for 7-figure per year email marketing success!