Experience the confidence and peace of mind knowing the pros are managing your marketing.

This is a special package for a special CEO. Kay creates your marketing strategy, the KAC Marketing team executes it with precision, and then we report on the results so you're always in the loop and in control. 

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  • You made 7 figures+ last year (or you're on track to this year) flying by the seat of your pants, and you’re ready to see what your results look like when you follow a proven marketing strategy. 

  • You've had the same offer for a while, and you're ready to try something new like launching a digital course, creating a membership, selling physical products, or creating templates, eBooks, and other paid content

  • Your next big idea is constantly being put on the back burner because putting together a marketing plan and then launching it sounds exhausting - but you'd love if someone else did the hard work for you so you could bring your passion project to the world 

  • You're noticing that social media isn't selling as well as it did in the past, you feel like the algorithm is unpredictable, and you want to expand your marketing plan to include podcasting, blogging, and SEO plus you're ready to get serious about email marketing 

  • You're ready to work with a team of senior-level marketing professionals because you know this investment will help your business grow faster

This Offer is a Great Fit for You If:

"I really feel like Kay goes above and beyond my expectations. She's always thinking ahead, evaluating analytics to make the smartest marketing decisions, and there for me to bounce ideas off of when I need. She is a valuable asset to my team!"

M.M., Registered Dietitian

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Here’s What’s Included in This Offer

A custom email marketing strategy that takes into account your business goals and your personal strengths to ensure your plan is in alignment with you
as the CEO.

Done for You 
Social Media Marketing

A monthly reporting and recommendations call with Kay, along with daily support from Kay and the entire KAC Marketing team inside of your private client portal.

Done for You 
Email Marketing

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“Kay is SO easy to work with and so prompt to help! She always has great energy and is truly so supportive and helpful. She helped me launch two back to back successful (new!) online courses with $40k in revenue. I couldn't have done it without her!”

B.C., Registered Dietitian

When you’re working with a senior level marketeing team you gain the confidence and peace of mind knowing you’re following a proven strategy to boost your sales. 

Sure, you can keep flying by the seat of your pants. It’s helped you build a successful business this far. However, you’ll eventually hit a ceiling when it comes to growth and we want help you break straight through the glass ceiling!


You have earned the privilege of hiring a marketing team to help you go from DIY to ROI. Not everyone builds up their business to a level where they can hire an agency of professionals, but you have; take advantage of this opportunity you’ve unlocked for yourself. 



This offer starts at $2,000 per month with a 6-month commitment. 

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