Done for You
E-commerce Email + SMS Marketing

A comprehensive Done for You email marketing package that will help you maximize revenue for your online shop! 

When you select this package you are adding a senior-level marketer to your team who will elevate your email and sms marketing using principles of consumer psychology. 

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You’ve had back-to-back six figure+ years flying by the seat of your pants and you’re ready to see what your results look like when you work with a marketing strategist 

You’ve sent a few emails to your list here and there but you aren’t consistent with it (because it’s confusing and/or time-consuming)

You have an abandoned cart email flow setup but you know there are so many other types of email flows that could be generating revenue for you every day (ex: browse abandonment, upsells, cross-sells, loyalty flows, etc.)

You want to see revenue coming in from each email you send 

You know you should be doing SMS marketing and/or you’ve tried it but don’t really know how to do it strategically to make consistent sales from it 

This Offer is a Great Fit for You If:

This Offer is NOT a Great Fit for You If:

You have made less than $100K in business and/or haven’t figured out what your audience wants to buy from you 

You haven’t started building an email list yet 

Monthly report that includes how much revenue came that month from your automated email flows and the weekly email campaigns

Here’s What’s Included in This Offer

Monthly email calendar management 

SMS marketing (fully managed by us)

Custom-branded email template 

Promotional and sales emails (fully written, designed & managed by us)

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Peace of mind knowing that your emails and SMS are compliant so that you don’t receive unexpected fines from the FTC

When you’re working with a senior-level email marketer you gain the confidence in knowing you’re following a proven strategy to give your shop a boost in revenue! 

You earned this 

You have earned the privilege of hiring someone to help you go from email marketing DIY to ROI. Not everyone builds up their business to a level where they can hire a senior-level marketer but you have; take advantage of this opportunity you’ve unlocked for yourself! 

Above all else

The Investment

This offer is available starting at $2000 per month with a 6-month commitment.

Email marketing for online shops is incredibly easy to track results for; you’ll always know how much money you’re bringing in based on the work I’m doing for you. The ROI will be crystal clear!

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