How a Fractional CMO Can Help You Increase Revenue

A Fractional CMO can help you with your overall marketing strategy, team management, project management, and KPIs.

One of the most impactful ways I help my clients when hired as their Fractional CMO is to dive into their data, and make recommendations based off of their own numbers instead of best practices.

Best practices are great but they are a starting point, not an end-all, be-all.

Let me give you a very high-level overview of how I go about identifying gaps in marketing based on data to help a brand increase their revenue in my role as Fractional CMO.

First, I’ll pop into Google Analytics and look at how all of the brand’s marketing channels are performing from a high level:

Screenshot from inside of google analytics of traffic acquisition pulled by a fractional CMO

If this was your brand, I would be looking at the fact that email is converting at almost 3% but search and social are converting at less than half a quarter of a percent.

A conversion rate of 3% is “industry average” so even though I’d want to dive into how to increase the email conversion rate above 3%, the more important thing to diagnose is why the other channels are underperforming in comparison.

So, let’s say I want to dive into social media to start.

One of the first metrics I’m going to look at is the Average Engagement Time Per Session; this is the average amount of time a visitor has your site open in the foreground of their browser.

Screenshot of social traffic data from inside of Google Analytics pulled by a fractional CMO.

What I see here is 17 seconds of average engagement time.

That means some people are spending more time, and some people are spending less time.

The problem is, even if we double 17 seconds to 34 seconds that’s still generally not enough time for most people to read through a sales page, make a purchasing decision, and check-out — so it’s not surprising that the conversion rate is so low.

When we fix it then we are one stop closer to higher conversions because we need people to consume the sales page to purchase.

In many cases the conversions will automatically increase once we change the sales page so that people are more highly engaged, but even if that’s not the case, we’re much closer than we are when they aren’t engaging with the page at all.

If the messaging is different, I would recommend creating a variation of the sales page that has messaging that is in alignment with the messaging people are engaging with prior to clicking over. When the messaging on a sales page matches the messaging that was clicked on, people know they are in the right place and tend to stick around to learn more.

I would see if that helps.

I would also consider putting HotJar or other similar software on the site to collect heat and scroll maps to see how far down the page most people are scrolling and which parts of the page they are stopping to read and engage with.

If the sales page is quite long, I would I would wonder if the attention span of the people coming over from social media is just too short for a long and wordy sales page.

I might recommend testing a shorter sales page, including video instead of so much copy, and other tweaks that would align with someone who might want a more interactive sales experience.

I would then see if that helps.

When it doesn’t I would look at pricing and consider, do we need to offer payment plans? Should we try running a sale or offering a discount? How are we priced compared to others in the market compared to what we are delivering?

Are our features and benefits clear or do they leave more questions? Do we need an FAQ section?

And on and on.

There are many, many reasons why an audience might not be converting and a Fractional CMO can lean on their experience to make educated guesses as to why this is happening for your brand, and make recommendations to test based on that.

The goal is to never stop testing and to always try and beat your own benchmarks!

Of course, this testing and optimization process is only one reason a brand might hire me as a Fractional CMO – but it’s typically the most important reason.

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